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Back to School Storytime



Extension Activities

Song: “The Wheels on the Bus”
Credit: childhood

Egg shaker song: “Everyone Can Shake, Shake, Shake”
Credit: Jbrary

Egg shaker song: “Shake Your Shakers”
Credit: Jbrary


Cardboard Guitars


Obviously, this craft has very little bearing on my theme.  I wasn’t finding any back-to-school crafts that really inspired me, so I used this craft to complement Rocking in My School Shoes.  I got this craft from Allison at No Time for Flashcards (thank you, Pinterest), and it was a big hit.  The kids loved making and playing with their own guitars, and they were very amused by the use of cereal boxes.  I pre-cut the guitar shapes and black circles for the kids, and I punctured small holes in the guitar shapes using an Exacto knife and scissors.  I let the kids glue on the black circles, decorate their guitars, and add the pipe cleaners.  They all needed a little help with that last step.

How It Went

School is starting SO EARLY where I live that this storytime was almost presented in July.  That’s too early!  I had a good group of kids for this session which made for a fun time.  First Day Jitters was a hit with the parents and children.  Several of the mothers were teachers, and they were already familiar with and fond of that title.  Otter Goes to School is absolutely precious!  If you haven’t read any of Sam Garton’s Otter books yet, you need to.  I picked this one because it has some overtones of homeschooling, and several of the families in my storytime group are homeschoolers.  I wanted to do a “back to school” storytime without hammering only traditional school types.  How Rocket Learned to Read is a sweet book, but it was kind of long for my crowd.  However, finishing with Pete the Cat made up for any interest lost during Rocket.  A few toddlers showed up for this storytime, and most of the stories were lost on them, but they loved the egg shaker songs.  I need to get some more material for the shakers because they are always a huge hit.


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