Storytime Themes

Letter A Storytime


Extension Activities

Flannel Activity: Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Flannel Story: Ten Apples Up on Top
I found these printable pieces on Chapel Hill Snippets, and I cut them out and backed them with small pieces of felt.  I probably should have laminated the paper before I added the felt for more durability, but I don’t know that I will be using this felt set super frequently, so it’s fine.


Song: “The Ants Go Marching”
I used the traditional lyrics to this song, which you can find in several places on the Internet (like this video),  but my motions were inspired by Barney’s version.  Although, I did not do the burpee at the end of each verse.  Seriously, who choreographs that for preschoolers?

Song: “The Airplane Song” by Laurie Berkner
I recently discovered Laurie Berkner’s music, and I am fast becoming a huge fan.  Her songs are so simple, while still engaging and fun.


Apple plates


I don’t normally offer two craft options each week, but I was trying to give my toddler attendees a more developmentally appropriate craft.  The apple lacing craft came from Crystal at Our Kid Things, and the paper pieces apple was inspired by The Chirping Moms.

How It Went

I have had a lot more toddlers than I originally anticipated when planning storytimes for this month, so I keep having to adapt my preschool-focused plans.  I only read three of the four books that I chose (I skipped Arthur’s Eyes), and I added the paper pieces apple craft at the last-minute so that the babies would be better able to participate in craft time.  With this books, the biggest hit was probably Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing.  Ten Apples Up on Top went over the heads of the babies, but my preschoolers enjoyed adding apples to the felt board with me.  “Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree” was by far the biggest hit of my extension activities.  The babies were wiggly and unfocused until I pulled out Mr. Alligator, and suddenly they were all hypnotized.  The toddlers enjoyed my two songs, but they did not have the fine motor skills to participate in the motions.  I think I need to bring in more fingerplays and short songs with motions that the babies can handle.


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