Storytime Themes

Letter G Storytime

Opening:  “Hello Friends” (with sign language)
Credit: Jbrary

Book:  The Short Giraffe  by Neil Flory

Short Giraffe

Fun story about accommodating someone who is a little bit different.  It actually has some great deeper meaning when you think about it.  The kids enjoyed the bright and colorful illustrations.  

Song:  “Sticky Bubblegum”
Credit: Jbrary

Sticky, sticky, sticky bubblegum, bubblegum, bubblegum
Sticky, sticky, sticky bubblegum,
Sticking your hands to your head.
Ready, unstick!

Additional verses:
Sticking your hands to your hips.
Sticking your hands to each other.
Sticking your hands to your shoulders.
Sticking your hands to your feet.

This song was a HUGE hit!  In fact, some of the kids requested it at my next storytime.  A few of the adults thought it was gross, but kids love gross!

Book:  Gorilla! Gorilla!  by Jeanne Willis

Gorilla Gorilla

I was really loud reading this book.  There’s a mouse having a panic attack and a gorilla yelling at her, and it requires lots of crazy voices.  My boss was laughing at my dramatics afterward.


Book:  Oh No, George!  by Chris Haughton

Oh No George

Very cute book.  With a larger, less-inhibited audience, I might have tried getting them to shout “Oh no, George” with me at the appropriate times.  Maybe in the future.

Fingerplay:  “Grandma’s Glasses”
Credit: Wee Sing Children’s Songs and Fingerplays

Here are Grandma’s glasses,                 fingers around eyes
Here is Grandma’s hat,                           hands on head
This is the way she folds her hands,   fold hands
And lays them in her lap.                      folded hands in lap

Here are Grandpa’s glasses,                  larger glasses
Here is Grandpa’s hat,                            larger hat
This is the way he folds his arms,       fold arms across chest
Just like that.                                            with emphasis

Book and flannel:  Go Away, Big Green Monster!  by Ed Emberley

A flannel board classic and also one of the easiest sets I have put together so far.  I think in the future I need an extra pair of hands to help me either hold the book or manipulate the flannel pieces.

Closing song:  “Open, Shut Them”
Credit: Literary Hoots

Open, shut them; open, shut them
Raise them way up high
Open, shut them; open, shut them
Now we wave goodbye!
(spoken) Goodbye!

Craft:  Playdough Monsters

I went for a really low prep craft this week.  I had some playdough already on hand, so I gave the kids some googly eyes, pipe cleaners, straws, and foam pieces along with the playdough color of their choice and let them go to work.  I didn’t bother to make my own playdough and limit them to the color green because I wanted to keep things simple.  Overall, this was a huge hit, although I did not expect the parents to ask if they could take their children’s creations home with them.  I wanted to keep the playdough at the library to use repeatedly.


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