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Letter Q Storytime

OPENING:  "Hello Friends" (with sign language) Credit: Jbrary BOOK:  Quiet! by Paul Bright I really like this story, and I think that a lot of parents will sympathize with the "be-quiet-my-child-is-sleeping" storyline.  The surprise ending is fun, but I don't know if my storytime kids really understood what was going on.   FINGERPLAY:  "Quiet Mouse" Credit:  Storytime Katie Here’s a quiet… Continue reading Letter Q Storytime

Flannel Friday

Little Quack | Flannel Friday

The first time I read Lauren Thompson's Little Quack, I was sure that someone must have already created a felt story for this book.  However, if that exists, I can't find it.  Still, I think that this book works really well as a felt, so I made a simple set for myself that I used in… Continue reading Little Quack | Flannel Friday

Storytime Themes

Letter P Storytime

OPENING:  "Hello Friends" (with sign language) Credit: Jbrary BOOK:  A Porcupine Named Fluffy by Helen Lester I don't see very many storytime librarians using Helen Lester's books, but I LOVE them.  Her stories are always funny, and they always teach an important lesson in a way that doesn't feel didactic.    FINGERPLAY:  "Two Mother Pigs" Credit:  Storytime Katie Two mother… Continue reading Letter P Storytime

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Letter N Storytime

OPENING:  "Hello Friends" (with sign language) Credit: Jbrary BOOK:  The Perfect Nest  by Catherine Friend Such a fun book to read aloud.  Each of the birds has a very distinct accent, which is fun to imitate, and the story is really cute.  Definitely a new favorite of mine.   FINGERPLAY:  "This Little Squirrel" Credit: Storytime Katie This little squirrel said, “Let’s… Continue reading Letter N Storytime

Storytime Themes

Christmas Storytime

OPENING:  "Hello Friends" (with sign language) Credit: Jbrary BOOK:  Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear!  by Audrey Wood I love Don and Audrey Wood so much.  This book has some subtle messages between the text and the illustrations, but most of the kids understood what was happening.  I asked some comprehension questions after I finished reading to reinforce the story.  … Continue reading Christmas Storytime