Storytime Themes

Inventions Storytime | Build a Better World

The Most Magnificent Thing is a really great book, and the kids seemed to appreciate and understand it.  For this storytime, I was determined to find a good nonfiction picture book about a famous inventor.  The problem with most picture book biographies is that they tend to be long and wordy.  Long and wordy doesn't usually work for my crowd, so I had to search high and low to find a shorter book.  

Storytime Themes

Construction Storytime | Build a Better World

This storytime was our Build a Better World Summer Reading Kickoff, and it went really well.  I had good crowds, and most of the kids were very engaged in what I was doing.  During The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, I cued the kids to fake-sneeze as a group when the wolf sneezed in the story.  They loved it!  And in Tip Tip Dig Dig, I asked the kids to stand up with me and mimic the digging, lifting, pushing, etc. motions in the story.  They played along really well and helped make that book be a little more exciting.